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2016 eighth grade essay contest

19th Annual Essay Contest - Prescription Drug Abuse - What to Do?

The 19th annual essay contest is open to all eighth grade students in Montana. our purpose in presenting this opportunity is to continue to educate youth across the state about an issue that can impact all students - the abuse of prescription drugs. Prescription drug abuse has become a growing problem in schools and communities throughout Montana. By providing an incentive for students to focus on ways to prevent the abuse of prescription drugs, we hope to reinforce the critical message of staying safe and promoting a healthy, secure environment in the school setting.

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Welcome to the Montana Police Protective Association web site! Our members belong to police agencies from all across our great state and we are proud to serve them.

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What is the Montana Police Protective Association

Police officers from around the state organized the MPPA to make the profession of policing better for every police officer. The courageous officers back in 1930 began a movement to make things better through legislative measures and through collective bargaining. Read more about the Montana Police Protective Association.

In 2005, the MPPA started the Montana Police Protective Association Foundation. The Foundation was started as a non-profit to support the MPPA's annual scholarships and essay contests to support youth in Montana, as well as other philanthropic endeavors.