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Montana Police Protective Association Member Benefits

The only membership requirement is to be a sworn peace officer in Montana, yet the benefits of membership are numerous:

  • Representation by a large, organized and recognized group at the legislature on all issues of law enforcement concern
  • Death Benefit for the member and family members
  • Guaranteed scholarships for officer's children and family members
  • Contract information from the member departments for negotiation comparisons
  • Professional contacts with officers around the state
  • A chance to have a voice in sculpting the future for law enforcement officers around the state by participating on one of the many boards on which the MPPA holds a seat
  • Participating at the annual convention and directing the executive board in the areas of concern
  • Legal defense

Deduction of dues:

7-32-4122. Contributions for group life insurance and representation.

  1. Unless the police protective association of the city or town chooses not to participate, as provided in 7-32-4123, an employer shall deduct from each police officer's monthly compensation, except that of a police chief, assistant chief, or captain, an amount equal to 1% of the base salary paid to newly confirmed police officers in the city or town. The employer shall pay this amount on a monthly basis to the treasurer of the Montana police protective association to be used to pay premiums on a group life insurance policy for contributing police officers of participating city and town associations and to defray expenses incurred by the association when representing members of the plan.
  2. An employer may not deduct the amount provided for in subsection (1) from the monthly compensation of a police chief, assistant chief, or captain unless that person notifies the person's employer in writing to make the deduction.
  3. A person who contributes under this section is a full member of the Montana police protective association and is entitled to all membership rights and benefits, including those benefits provided in subsection (1).
  4. For the purposes of this section, "police officer" means an officer who participates in the police officers' retirement system under Title 19, chapter 9.

History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 403, L. 1989; amd. Sec. 1, Ch. 179, L. 2005.