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Montana Police Protective Association Foundation, Inc.

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2206 Massachusetts Ave., Butte, Mt 59701
Chairman of the Board, Truman Tolson, President, Jerry Williams
Board Members; Jason Wells and Tim Hawkins

The MPPA Foundation, Inc. dedicated to helping law enforcement officers and their families, is in the midst of a Direct Mail Fundraising Campaign. We know that many, many people dislike telemarketers, so we decided on a DM campaign. The first mailing went out to residents of Jefferson, Broadwater, Gallatin, and Butte-Silver Bow counties. We mailed over 41,000 letters and we were really hoping for a 2 - 4% return. At this point in our fundraiser, the return is just over one half of 1 percent. Not what we had hoped for, but we are very happy with the results to date.

The MPPA Foundation in past years has been primarily funded by the MPPA membership group. Due to the rising costs of the membership group, we at the Foundation felt we had to do something to lessen the burden on the membership group. So, we developed the Foundation Honorary Member campaign.

As most people know, the Foundation provides for Scholarships for the Children of MPPA members, Sponsorship of the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics, Sponsor of the Montana Law Enforcement Museum and our new Program, providing monetary help to families of law enforcement officers that were injured on the job, have a serious illness in the family and a fund to help when an officer is killed in the line of duty. Although our funds are not quite where we want them to be, we will continue with our Direct Mail Campaign throughout the state as we move through 2018.

The DM Campaign has raised just over $11,000 in the first few months of activity. Each program listed on the Campaign now have some funds with the hope of even more in the future.

A very, very heartfelt "Thank you" to each and every one that donated to the MPPA Foundation, Inc.

The Foundation is a non-profit registered with the state of Montana. Tax deductible donations are welcome, and may be mailed to; MPPA Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 7, Butte, MT 59703. You can also make donations to the Foundation through PayPal using the button on this page. For more information contact the President of the Foundation, Jerry Williams at 406-490-1947 or