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Police Retiree News

The Montana Retired Police Officers Association is alive and well, and engaged in getting retired police officers active and involved in the affairs that impact police retiree's. If you have not joined for 2016, please download the form, fill it out, include your 2016 dues check, and get involved.

Retiree Conferences-East and West

The MRPOA has two conferences planned; Missoula on June 23rd at the DoubleTree Hotel beginning at 10 am. The conferences will discuss the political scene, the upcoming legislative session, and provide an up-to-date on news that impacts the police Retiree. To make a reservation call the Doubletree at 406-728-3100. If attending in Missoula, plan to stay for the MACOP/MPPA Awards Banquet beginning at 6 pm with no host cocktails and the Banquet dinner at 7 pm. There is not cost to attend the Banquet.

The second conference for those in eastern Montana will be held at the Miles City Hotel on Saturday September 10th beginning at 10 am. Call the Miles City Motel at 406-234-1000, and use the code Retired Police Officer. Room rates are $80 per night plus tax.

There is no fee to attend either conference, and lunch will be provided.

Please make an effort to attend and let us know what's on your mind.

Lee Newspaper Request for Information

As you probably know, if you read the MRPOA Newsletter, Lee Newspapers made a request to the Montana Public Employees Retirement System for the following information: the names of every retiree in Montana from all systems, the annual amount of retirement benefit for 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, the former employer, and the position held.

The MRPOA and the MPPA objected to the release of the information at the Retirement Board meeting on April 11, and again objected to the release on April 28th, and made an objection to the release again at the Retirement Board meeting on June 9. The Retirement Board voted to release the information, but decided not to release the names of the retirees. The objections by our group, and the other groups representing retirees helped a great deal. Releasing information without the name still protects the individual privacy of the retiree.

Political Action

Your vote counts, and whom you vote for is extremely important. You can have an impact. From the statewide races to the local legislative races, your voice needs to be heard, and you need to know where the candidates stand. The MRPOA has not endorsed anyone, but there are candidates that you should not vote for because they may be out to destroy your pension and way of life. Do some research and make the smart choice. If you want suggestions, please call Jerry Williams; he has the scorecard from last session. Please do your best to make the right choice to protect your livelihood.